Education work has always been an important area for Florilegium and over the years we have built strong relationships with several institutions as well as music festivals and promoters. We offer a whole host of projects for secondary and tertiary level students, working on half and single day workshops focussing on specific topics that reflect our work as period instrument specialists, in addition to themed projects across a term or even longer within the tertiary sector. Frequently combining touring with education work we have enjoyed some wonderful collaborations with institutions in north and south America, Australia and the Far East as well as throughout Europe.

One exceptional project that has made an enormous impact on our work as educators has come through our work in Bolivia which has been ongoing since we first visited the Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music Misiones de Chiquitos in 2002. Working with local singers and instrumentalists on repertoire from their archives and helping them to interpret this music and present it in an historical informed way has enabled us to present Bolivian baroque music in collaboration with some wonderful Bolivian artists in countries as far afield as Turkey, France, Austria, Germany,  Singapore and north America.


Bolivian Diary