Reviews of live performances

“The cathedral played host to French baroque music played by Florilegium with impeccable élan”

St Magnus Festival 2023

The Times

“Remember their name. They are great poets, magicians who will hypnotise your mind in the magic of their music, touching the very heart of your soul.”

Diapason, France

“sensitive phrasing, genuine rhythmic bounce, and when necessary, the smooth touch of a silk cravat.”

The Times
“Florilegium brought its customary finesse and tonal beauty to this enjoyable programme” “foot-tappingly lively fast movements”

The Strad
“They climbed the heights of dancing bliss and left the Wigmore sighing with pleasure.”

The Times

“[Florilegium] have the lightest of touches among period instrument bands, and they came at Vivaldi, Purcell and Corelli with the crisp attack and variety of colour one has come to expect. Florilegium excelled themselves…bouncing airily along, never over-egging the pudding, ornamentation lightly applied…The delights multiplied during the final selection from The Fairy Queen.”

The Times, London

“Fine, incisive playing, honest and heartfelt. Crisp, imaginative and individual playing.”

The Times , The Independent
“Polished sonority and liveliness… terrific!”
Tagesspiegel, Berlin
“The remarkable interpretation of Florilegium was greeted with an ovation of a truly charmed public.”

Le Maine, France, The Independent

“Florilegium approaches Baroque works with love for the structure, harmony and technique. The Bach was richly detailed each time and splendid because of that.”

Noordhollands Dagblad, The Netherlands

“The whole was a model of stylish phrasing and finesse… In ten years Florilegium have become an indispensable feature on the early music landscape. Long may they prosper.”

The Times

“Poised musical courtesies and superbly contained passion.”

The Sydney Morning Herald
“Florilegium made its Argentinean debut with flourish… finely spun and full of detail, creating a true oasis of sound, at the heart of Buenos Aires.”

La Nacion, Buenos Aires
“Florilegium, an expert period instrument group…their performance was exemplary. Ornamentation was gracefully executed, the phrasing in slow movements was shapely and affecting.”

New York Times, The Independent
“The group’s spirited playing came into its own in Vivaldi’s G minor Flute Concerto…Florilegium characterised the music with terrific gusto…The music’s bucolic zest and piquant enchantment were magically entwined.”

Daily Telegraph
“The members of Florilegium are superb musicians…Bach’s 2nd Suite at the end served as overwhelming and final confirmation of the supremacy of the authentic approach, of which the Florilegium ensemble are outstanding exponents.”

Ha'aretz, Israel

“One of the most flamboyant of the younger generation of British Baroque ensembles. The ensemble’s flair was much in evidence. The whole was appropriately elegant without ever being bland. This was beautifully played.”

The Times, London

Reviews of recordings

“Florilegium takes a modern stance – one-to-a-part ‘period’ instruments at ‘Baroque’ pitch. Technically they’re superb: there’s immaculate intonation in pairs of unison strings…They’re characterful too: natural horns (No. 1) retain their outdoor personality; violas languish in reflective suspensions…But Florilegium’s lean forces reduce the natural dramatic contrasts between solo and tutti.”

Music Magazine

“Florilegium plays with expressive delicacy, caressing the tender contours with appealing grace.”
BBC Music Magazine
“Florilegium have the Midas touch. Whatever they play sounds precious. This recording is golden.”
International Record Review

“Florilegium’s performances are full of technical expertise, precise ensemble and good style. Their approach is more robust than that of many others in this repertoire, showing much alertness and energy.”


“Performances are a consistent delight: elegant, intelligent, expressive or witty by turn…a terrific listening experience… a must for all Baroque fans.”

In Tune, Japan
“Another triumph for the highly talented ensemble Florilegium. They don’t put a foot wrong. Musically outstanding”

“Florilegium perform them all with taste, refinement and considerable ensemble expertise…sensitive players.”

BBC Music Magazine
“Fresh, exciting and individual performances. The ensemble playing is perfect, not only in the rhythmic pulse and overall balance, but also in the mixture of tonal colours and ideas.”

Fono Forum, Germany
“This is enormous fun. Florilegium lead the lithe, their sound is bright, astringent, the chords assertive, articulation razor-sharp. The finales are airborne.”


“Their playing has the freshness of birth and new life, then life to the full, and life to a frenzy. Florilegium’s treatment of slow movements is exceptional. They all share the Florilegium spirit; the magic, the vibrancy and the unique gift for ensemble.”

Early Music News, Australia