Florilegium have been involved in education projects at secondary and tertiary level for many years. They give annual masterclasses in the Czech Republic and frequently give lecture recitals at colleges and universities whilst touring Europe and the Americas. Since September 2008 they have been Ensemble in Association at the Royal College of Music.

Undergraduate projects

Royal College of Music

The aim of this “Association” is to encourage historically informed performances for both original and modern instruments at the RCM. It is hoped that some of the projects prepared with students will be performed on concert platforms around the UK and further a field within Europe, giving the students vital performing opportunities in major concert halls and music Festivals.
Florilegium‘s recognised expertise in this area would encourage the student body to work alongside the ensemble as well as take part in masterclasses and group projects.

The “Association” includes three main areas of study:

1. Orchestral sectionals – strings and wind 
One day: the morning sessions are divided into smaller units led by 5 Florilegium instructors to work in detail on specific issues or repertoire, before the afternoon tutti session, which sees all the morning’s work coming together.

2. Tutti orchestral projects 
Projects involving the Modern Instrument Baroque Orchestra and the Period Instrument Baroque Orchestra, involving 4 Florilegium instructors. Florilegium would play alongside the students in these sessions.

Repertoire would include works by mainstream late 17th- mid 18th-century composers – including wind and string.

3. Public performances including thorough preparation of scores and involvement in rehearsals etc.
3 performance projects each year, involving:
· 2 days of preparation including contextualising each project at the start with a 30-45 minute lecture/discussion with all students
· marking up/preparing scores/parts
· open rehearsals with Florilegium and some RCM students
· discussion of performing and expectation in concerts (includes stage manner/spoken introductions to repertoire)

The first project, on works by Couperin’s took place on 20-21 November 2008, with Florilegium working with students in detail on these pieces and culminating with a public performance. The next project involved wind players from Florilegium combining with the RCM Baroque Orchestra in a programme of Bach at St John’s Smith Square on 29 January 2009, followed by masterclasses. Other projects in 2008-09 concentrated on Handel and Haydn.

Other institutions
Each of these projects could be offered on a one-off basis to any suitable academic institution and would be tailor-made to suit abilities and instrumentalists available.

Projects with schools

Members of Florilegium spend half a day with students, probably on a thematic programme. Depending on the age and level of the students involved, these programmes could be, for example:

Dance music across Europe
This would involve:

· an explanation of different dance movements relating to national styles of composing in the baroque era
· to highlight the difference between modern and baroque instruments
· interactive sessions (music would be sent in advance)
· taster sessions on period instruments offering students an opportunity to experience original instruments

Lecture recitals

· how to approach historically informed interpretations
· improvisation
· some dance movements
· national styles (which could link with history)

In each case it is hopes this would culminate in a performance when students perform, together with members of Florilegium, to an audience comprising parents, teachers etc.


If you are interested in Florilegium working on an education project at any level, please contact the Administrator, Valeria Farruggia for further information.